Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to the New Kudashev Web Site

Website Drafts and Notes (image from flickr)

Since 2007, there has been a web site.

At the suggestion of Cousin Kitty Stidworthy and after some consultation, it was agreed that the correct contemporary transliteration or Romanization of Кудашевы is "Kudashev". See the previous post. So I have copied all the data from the old web site to this new web site. The old web site will not be deleted. I will, however, add a final post notifying visitors of the move and providing a link to this web site.

In the process, I have moved the site from to There were several reasons for changing hosting services. Among the very good reasons are that with Blogger one does not have to pay to use a custom domain name or for a custom style sheet. Also it may be easier to embed "widgets" from other web sites.

There are a number of issues with the move to this web site. There are extra line spaces between many of the paragraphs, for example. Also the Document Gallery did not survive  the transfer. I will be taking care of these issues in the next few days.

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