Thursday, August 5, 2010

Patent of Nobility for Prince Sergei Danilovitch Kudashev [1795 -1862]

This is an image of the patent of nobility confirming the nobility of Prince Sergei Danilovitch Kudashev (1795 -1862) and his wife, Mathilde Josephine-Catherine Kudashev (Choiseul-Gouffier) (1806 - 1867), as well as their ten children. The children were all individually named including:

  1. Prince Alexis Sergueievitch Kudashev (1825-1879)
  2. Prince Victor Sergueievitch Kudashev (1826-1862)
  3. Prince Nicolas Sergueievitch Kudashev (1829-1899)
  4. Prince AlexanderSergueievitch Kudashev (1830-1877)
  5. Prince Vladimir Sergueievitch (1833-1871)
  6. Princess Maria Sergueievna Kudashev(1827-1901)
  7. Princess Ekaterina Sergueievna Kudashev(1831-1919)
  8. Prince Sergei Sergueievitch Kudashev (1834-1915)
  9. Princess Olga Sergueievna Kudashev (1836-?)
  10. Princess Alexandra Sergueievna Kudashev (Berdyaev) (1838 - ?)

    The patent states that Prince Sergei Danilovitch Kudashev is the descendant of Murza Tchepai Kudashev and was signed by Czar Alexander in 1864.

    The patent mentions various events in Prince Sergei Danilovitch Kudashev's life including participation in the war against Napoleon, his professional career and decorations.  It provides a description of the Kudashev coat of arms, mentioning "the Eastern sword" and the crescent of the moon and the star -  probably in memory of the Kudashev Tartar origins.

    The copy that has been scanned and uploaded here is in the hands of Marion Scheinberger-Koudacheff who received it from her grandfather Prince Vladimir Vladimirovitch Kudashev. The whereabouts of the original is unknown.

    You may download the file here:

    Nobility Patent of Prince Sergei Danilovitch Kudashev [PDF - 6.3 MB]

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