Sunday, August 8, 2010

Renaming and Readdressing the Koudachev Web Site


Cousin Kitty Stidworthy of Cambridge, England sends in the following recommendation:

Since the question of Romanization of the name Кудашевы has been raised, may I suggest that we follow the Library of Congress system, which is now pretty well standard in all Anglophone countries. Anybody unfamiliar with it can find it on the following sites:

(Both these tables have diacritics over ts, iu, e [obratnaia] which can of course be disregarded).

If you want to explore further just search in Google for: Library of Congress Russian transliteration.

This system gives us Kudashev. The French transliteration - Koudacheff - was the standard spelling in earlier generations because French was spoken by educated Russians and was the language of diplomacy. The various hybrid versions may in some cases be due to the influence of other European languages: families who emigrated to Germany or Italy for instance, will naturally have become used to different spellings including Koudachev and Kudasceva.

PROVIDED everybody agrees that it would be tidier and more convenient to use what is now the standard system, it would be worth changing the website title and web site address. Clearly there is an advantage in having consistent spellings also for other surnames that are bound to crop up.

What views do other people have about all this? Does anyone have passionately strong feelings one way or another? If so please write in the comments.