Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kudashev Genealogy Prepared by Michel Mojaisky

A Tiny Portion of Cousin Michel Mojaisky's Chart
Cousin Michel Mojaisky has kindly sent in the latest version of his Kudashev family genealogy.

Here is the text document with a list of everybody in the Kudashev family that Cousin Michel currently knows about.

And here is a very large chart. Once you have opened the page, you will probably have to click on the preview image to open it and then click on the small image a second time to zoom in.

Please note that Cousin Michel's chart - as large and as beautiful as it is - is still a work in progress. In my branch of the family there are at least fifteen more Kudashev cousins to add.

If there are members of the Kudashev family that you know about that are not in Cousin Michel's chart then please let us know by adding a comment to this post so we can get in touch with you.

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