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Drawings by Jelena Djurovic


Jelena Djurovic is the great-grand-daughter of Prince Vladimir Vladirmirovitch Kudashev. She is an artist living in Geneva Switzerland. Click on "Read the rest of this entry" to view some of the drawings Jelena recently exhibited in Belgrade.

Jelena DJUROVIC was born in 1967 in Geneva, went to school there, but visited frequently her father’s family in Serbia. She has roots in both countries. Her first drawing and painting lessons took place in the atelier of a Serbian painter in Belgrade: Sergei Jovanovic. She was sixteen years old and had spent a few months with her father and grandfather in Belgrade.

Later on she studied in France: in Lyon at the Ecole Belcourt and learned how to use colors, especially pastel colors. She continued her artistic education in Geneva at the “Ecole des arts appliqués”.

She has had a number of exhibits in Geneva, Bern and Belgrade .

The first exhibit took place in Chene-Bourg, a section of Geneva where she lives and concentrated on drawings of buildings and scenes of this part of the city.

She has a certain affinity with the Russian church in Geneva through her maternal family, her grandmother Irina Koudacheff; she was also baptized there. She frequently goes to this church to light a candle in memory of her grandmother and her Serbian grandparents.

She has painted this church many times.

She has also produced beautiful drawings of the old town of Geneva, the Cathedral St. Pierre and the International Committee of the Red Cross where she has worked.

She intentionally separates one building from the other and paints them a little inclined. They seemed to have become“some living creatures” with their own stories and soul.

One of her exhibits in Bern concentrated on Serbia: “Nostalgia for Serbia”

It expressed her love for Belgrade and Southern Serbia, where she had spent many vacations as a child in the country home of her grandfather, near the Bulgarian border.

There are small houses under a rich green vegetation. They are typical for that region.

Her last exhibit in November 2008 at the gallery “Helena“ in Banovo Brdo, near Belgrade was a big success.Almost all of her paintings have been sold.

During a trip to Bulgaria she took many pictures and reproduced the  landscapes, buildings and churches from these photos, painted them at home. She usually spends 4 hours per day at home in the afternoon, drawing and painting.

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  1. I have been a friend of her mother, Marion. I just wanted to connect me and I admire all these paintings.
    Goood luck. I write from Argentina.